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Welcome to Axxis Project Training
No matter whether you are a large conglomerate, a small business owner, an employee, or someone simply wishing to improve your skillset to further your career, chances are Axxis Project Training is able to help you with the most appropriate training, at the most economical rates, in the most expedient time frame. 
In addition to its own scope of training courses, Axxis is proud to hold highly valued strategic relationships, coordinating and delivering training across Queensland. 
Why not give us a call for a no obligation safety, training and qualification health check via our Work, Health and Safety division. Make sure your organisation's processes and documentation will stand up under scrutiny if required. Rest assured, if it's not broken, we won't fix it, our reputation is far to important for us to rip companies off! Experience tells us however, most WHS/HSE systems are so generic and complex they don't get used properly. Your choice, but we'd love to help if we can. 
Before exploring our site, please take a few moments to read the important message below from our team, we think you'll find it's worth the time. 

An important message from the team
Education and training - some love it, some loath it, many just tolerate it. Regardless of your current opinion however, training is a major component of business today and in the modern era, training must form a part of the budget for every organisation, just as it now does for all major companies of the business and industrial world. For us oldies, you learned on the job and you could bluff your way through. Mistakes were made, you learned and you moved on and hopefully no one got seriously hurt. Today, we try and iron out the mistakes before they occur on the job, as the consequences today can be massive, for both organisations and individuals, as legally, we all have a duty of care to each other.
The more we are exposed to training, the more we believe it's actually one of the great opportunies that often slips by because "we are too busy". The more exposure your staff have to training, the greater their knowledge, understanding and skill level. The greater their knowledge, understanding and skill level, the better their organisation, their communication, their machine empathy, their safety awareness etc. etc. Lo and behold, with increased knowledge, understanding and skill, confidence improves. Confidence enables everyone to feel good about themselves and their role. The end result is the ability to take leadership and work with autonomy. It's easy to believe you can delegate leadership, but true leadership comes from within and is inseparably tied to knowledge, understanding which leads to confidence and self worth. 
If you don't want to spend your life watching and directing every single move your workers make or fixing mistakes, access quality training and allow your staff - and by extension your organisation - to reach new heights.
As trades and business people ourselves, we understand the pressure on the clock, the budget, the milestones and the percieved necessity to squeeze every last drop out of every employee, but the further we travel down the training path, the more we are convinced of the value of good training. We will work with you to do as much as possible "on-the-job", to minimise downtime. A little time and money spent now, translates into an excellent return later. Yeah, yeah, you'll just get them properly trained and they'll leave! Well, chances are if you don't train them properly they'll leave anyway; the biggest killers of enterprise within individuals are:
1. not confidently knowing how to do what we are supposed to do,
2. not knowing why we are doing what we are doing and
3. feeling under valued or unappreciated.
A little knowledge, understanding and expertise goes a long, long way. Even if you train your staff and one day they leave, you will have done a service to your country. Australia is way behind the skilled worker eight ball and we are rapidly losing the race to produce enough skilled workers for future growth. Besides, eventually you'll pick up a worker that has already been trained by another organisation. Remenber, a comprehensive training and skills matrix will give your organisation a leg up in the tendering and quotation process.
Whilst we at Axxis prefer to dwell on the positive motivations for training, there is negative motivation in the form of the law. All businesses have training obligations when it comes to Work, Health and Safety legislation and in many cases industry specific training is also required to ensure current competency, especially in the operation of plant, equipment, transport vehicles etc. In a nutshell, consider this quote directly from WorkCover Queensland, "Work Health and Safety (WHS) and Electrical Safety (ES) laws require a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to ensure the health and safety of their workers while at work". 
No, you did not misread this, it said "ensure". In this context, ensure means to do everything within your power. Don't risk a worker's health and your own financial health. Whether you use Axxis or another training organisation, get your workers properly trained. You can't be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. Retrospectively wishing you had participated in training after a incident has occurred is bad business governance.
By the way, Duty of Care extends to everyone today, especially in the workplace; it is no longer OK for individuals to see danger and think, "I don't like the look of that" and walk away, you MUST take action in an attempt to prevent an accident.
Fortunately, the governments of Australia are very aware of the need to train and upskill workers for the future. In many industries, generous incentives and funded training packages are in place. Please refer to our Training page for details on the courses we provide and any funding that may be available to assist you. Alternatively, please call our office and our friendly staff will have one of our consultants call you back.
​At Axxis, our goal is repeat business. We want your experience to be so good and so professional, that next time you or your company needs training, or your mate's company needs training, you don't need to shop around, you come straight to us. It's our job to work with you to determine the correct training package/course for you and then to find the best model to deliver the training as expediently as possible and as economically as possible.
We look forward to being of service to you and your organisation and wish you great success through your training,

All the best from the Axxis Project Training team