About Axxis Project Training . . . . 

Who is Axxis?
Although Axxis is a no longer a newcomer to the RTO world, and have survived many years of training adventures and misadventures, gaining 
extensive experience along the way. We have operated in the marketplace for years, initially purely as a student sourcing organisation working in conjunction with other RTOs and in latter times as a coordinator of training delivery as well, leading to becoming an RTO in our own right. 
Why was Axxis formed?
Axxis is a natural evolution for our business, enabling us to maintain complete control from signup to training completion. You can be sure of our best attention and input at all times, as repeat and referral business is our goal.
Moving forward.
Axxis will grow its own core business whilst continuing its highly valued strategic alliances with a number of very professional and ethical organisations that value principles similar to our own, namely quality training delivered in a timely and economical manner with legitimate outcomes.
Axxis will progressively increase its scope so we can service the all the needs of its clients and future clients. Our goal is repeat and referral business driven by the trust of our clients and the quality of our performance.

The future is bright !

Administration hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Although our office hours are restricted, our consultants are available at all times and cover all areas statewide.


     We bring training and industry together and we make things happen

     Success through training

     Integrity - We do what is right and just, always
     Leadership - We listen and lead with vision to inspire all to achieve
     Passion - We strive to reach outcomes beyong the expectations of every client
     Professionalism - Our conduct honours ourselves, our organisation and its objectives
     Courage - We make things happen in the face of adversity