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AXXIS TRAINING are well experienced as skills & business advocates for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander businesses and employment. Axxis constantly endeavours to source job outcomes, for both ATSI and Non-ATSI workers, to satisfy the increasing shortage of skilled workers required for Queensland infrastructure & building programs. With the advent of government prescribed percentages for ATSI worksite placements, we procure these workers and upskill them to meet employer requirements no matter what the job position.

Axxis has developed significant relationships within indigenous communities, learning to understand various cultures and their love of country. We believe our results to date have been outstanding. Traditionally, a cultural divide often occurs when indigenous workers are placed in some western style employment siuations; some have been unable or unwilling to complete their service to their employers, often without any communication in the workplace. Lack of cultural understanding and lack of adequate communication from all parties, has led to misconceptions about indigenous workers. Encouragingly, our experience has found an overwhelming majority of indigenous Australians have a strong desire for employment and success. They are ready to show they are willing and able to fill responsible positions at all levels, constantly striving to meet employer standards.

AXXIS TRAINING PROVIDES pre-employment programs where possible, designed to develop employability skills and increase knowledge such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, planning and occupational health and safety. Where identified and appropriate, we also offer language, literacy & numeracy training to those requesting in need. 
AXXIS TRAINING MEETS with Industry, Employers and Organisations and to determine course content, usually delivered within on near a community, to ensure participants are well prepared for effective and productive transition into the workplace as well as providing visible community benefit.
AXXIS TRAINING COORDINATES MENTORING where necessary, via either industry or indigenous associations, to assist and guide students. Mentors encourage and monitor progress of training and are available into employment. We understand indigenous students remote to homelands, can sometimes experience challenging situations requiring good counsel and help where possible.
AXXIS TRAINING FACILITATES delivery of a huge array of training programs including apprenticeships to enable new or existing staff a quick transition into the workplace, or to upskill existing staff through higher level training and qualifications.

  • That participants grow their careers, steadily becoming more productive in their workplace. 
  • To grow communities one brick at a time, through individual economic outcomes that reflect the wider Australian economy.
  • To grow dignity, self-respect and competence in all students through, quality training and positive employment outcomes.

INDIGENOUS ENGAGEMENT - We concentrate on employability skills
TRAINING LEVIES - Funded training wherever applicable
EMPLOYMENT INCENTIVES - Government incentives may apply
PAYROLL TAX ADVANTAGES - Check with your Accountant