Axxis Project Training
is not only extremely good at training and training support, they are great negotiators and exceptional at pulling together the best deal possible for you. Axxis has a number of strategic alliances, providing a rich selection of fully accredited certificate courses, or even non-accredited courses.
Talk to an Axxis consultant to work out the best programming for your requirements.

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Division of WHS .  .  .  .  .  . Work, Health and Safety
The Axxis Division of WHS/HSE can not only train you and your staff in all your WHS Certificate needs, we can also analyse your business to determine exactly what your business requires to meet its compliance obligations and provide training to use it correctly and efficiently.
A WHS Health Check allows us to design a WHS program that is comprehensive, yet lightweight and workable. Often we can modernise what you already have. Don't get stuck with generic, unwieldy and unworkable mumbo jumbo that is not even cut and pasted well!
Your WHS policy and program should be an asset that compliments your business, not just be a worthless expense buried in masses of unnecessary paper.
Here are selection of the tailored WHS services Axxis can provide you:
 WHS BUSINESS HEALTH CHECK - is your organisation compliant?
►  Compliance programs - will make sure you are operating within the law
►  Safety Plans - every business must have a Safety Plan, make sure it is appropriate!
►  Training Programs - ensure you are getting maximum benefit from your resources
►  Verification of Current Competency  tracking - you get on with the job, we do the worrying for you
►  Individual WHS competencies such as Work Safely at Heights and Work in a Confined Space
All plans and programs are specifically tailored to your enterprise.